2018-09-19 星期三
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    【Op-Ed of Chinese State Media: if Properly Adopted, Blockchain Technology shall Lead the Financial Development】[ChainDD report] 18th September, 2018 (ChinaDD) An Op-Ed published on 17th September’s International Financial Daily, the newspaper under People’s Daily, Chinese official newspaper and largest newspaper group in China, claimed that the blockchain technology offers potential solution to various existing issues for the www.mikezfoto.commercial bank. It predicted if the www.mikezfoto.commercial bank’s application for this technology has www.mikezfoto.come to maturity, it is most likely to bring disruptive innovation for the www.mikezfoto.commercial banking. The article, written by a post-doctoral researcher from a think tank of the Ministry of Finance--Research Institute for Fiscal Science, noted that China was still at the beginning of the blockchain’s application and R&D, even the central bank was carefully exploring the technology. In this period, it is required not only for institutions to appropriately and orderly carry out R&D and application, but also for regulators to set out www.mikezfoto.complete regulations to avoid malpractices. In its ending, the article emphasized, “However, Blockchain is always seen as a key technology that is very likely to bewww.mikezfoto.come a game-changer of financial field. Once received proper adoption, it shall lead the financial development.”
2018-09-15 星期六
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    【A Study on Blockchain Technology Won China’s Top Press Prize】[ChainDD report] 15th September, 2018 (ChinaDD) The 28th China Journalism Awards were announced on 13th, September. A total of 352 works from different media outlets including the national newspapers, news agencies, radios, TV stations as well as news websites received the country’s top press prizes. As one of the highlights of this year’s prizes, a study on blockchain technology by Changsha Evening News, with the title of “Exploration of Integrated Media Approach based on Blockchain Technology ” , was awarded the second prize.
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    【津巴布韦保险和养老金委员会(IPEC)主席:区块链将更新濒临破产的保险公司】链得得(微信号:ChainDD)9月15日讯,据Bitcoin News消息,津巴布韦保险和养老金委员会(IPEC)主席Lynn Mukonoweshuro表示:完全依赖经纪人和代理人的交付方式,是该国保险业失败的主要原因之一,而区块链技术能够给该行业带来现代化更新。这些技术提供了衡量,控制和定价风险,与客户互动,降低成本和扩展可保性的新方法。 他表示,通过区块链战略,保险公司将能够为“数字客户”提供服务,这是该国企业的趋势目标。 此外,她呼吁该行业“拥抱”区块链,并利用它为更广泛的津巴布韦人口提供保险。
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    【华尔街金融高管加入链得得,ChainDD北美总部落地曼哈顿】美国纽约当地时间9月15日,链得得(微信ID:ChainDD)正式宣布成立北美总部公司ChainDD Inc.,美银美林前资深董事总经理,美国银行区块链创新委员会的主要成员Catherine Li正式加入链得得,出任ChainDD北美创始合伙人兼COO。 “Catherine拥有管理上百人的全球团队和上亿美金IT项目的实战经验,也熟谙北美金融市场和职场文化,将极大帮助链得得在北美的业务发展?!闭院尉晁?。 ChainDD Inc.作为面向全球英语用户的全球区块链资讯、市场分析及数据服务提供商,将依托中国领先的专业财经科技媒体及数据平台——钛媒体集团和链得得,通过三大业务板块产品:ChainDD Media(媒体与社群)、ChainDD Data(数据服务)、ChainDD Education(教育服务),深度覆盖北美区块链用户,并逐步向全球扩展。ChainDD Inc.办公地坐落于纽约曼哈顿区第五大道的核心商业地段。 详情请见:
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    【万事达卡申请新专利,将利用区块链简化B2B交易】链得得(微信号:ChainDD)9月15日讯,据CCN报道,美国专利商标局(USPTO)周四公布了金融服务巨头万事达卡于3月提交的同一系列的三项专利申请,申请描述了一种可以简化大批量企业环境中B2B交易的区块链系统。 专利的作者在一份文件中写道,现有的结算系统虽然能够解决端到端的个别交易,但不能很好地适应21世纪企业的需求。
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    【俄罗斯工业家和企业家联盟正制定加密货币监管替代法案】链得得(微信号:ChainDD)9月15日讯,据cointelegraph报道,俄罗斯工业家和企业家联盟(RSPP)的团体正研究制定另一项加密货币监管法案,该法案将比此前的“数字金融资产”草案更加完善。 据悉,该项法案由一批俄罗斯高级管理人员制定,包括亿万富翁Vladimir Potanin和俄罗斯创新基金Skolkovo负责人Viktor Vekselberg。 RSPP副主席Elina Sidorenko表示,新法案将把数字资产分为三类:类似证券的代币(token)、加密货币(cryptocurrencies)和数字“符号”(signs)。并且她指出,加密货币将根据俄罗斯中央银行颁布的法律和规章加以管制。
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    【欧洲数据中心集团Etix将在冰岛启建区块链数据中心】链得得(微信号:ChainDD)9月15日讯,据blockchain.www.mikezfoto.com消息,近日,欧洲数据中心运营商Etix集团收购了北欧数据中心(提供HPC和区块链服务的企业)55%的股权,并宣布在冰岛首都雷克雅未克以及冰岛北部地区建造两大区块链数据服务中心,计划于年底完成,合计将提供约3万台服务器的托管能力。 据Eitx CEO Buryrn BryjyLfsonb表示,之所以选择冰岛作为HPC和区块链服务基地,是因为它的经济能源和凉爽气候。他表示,“国际研究表明,冰岛是地球上最安全的数据中心之一,并生产100%的可再生能源”。
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    【Beijing Financial Association re-issued risk alerts on “illegal fund-raising” 】[ChainDD report] 13th September, 2018 (ChinaDD) Beijing Internet Finance Industry Association (BJIFIA) issued risk alerts related to crypto-currency and ICO on 30th August, 2018. It is noteworthy that this is the second time that BJIFIA issued such risk alerts. However, it is the first time to mention “illegal fundraising in the name of blockchain”. The announcement noted that recents crimes in the name of “financial innovation” and “blockchain” have violated the legitimate rights and interests of the public by issuing so-called “virtual currency”, “virtual assets” and “digital assets” to absorb funding. Such activities are not based on blockchain technology, but hype the illegal fundraising, pyramid selling and fraud in the concept of blockchain. These activities severely violate the normal financial order and cause potential threats to society.
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    【The latest risk alert from five ministries in China】[ChainDD report] 13th September, 2018 (ChinaDD) On 27th August, the latest risk alert from five ministries: Future regulations may focus on illegal currency issuance. 2018. According to Chen Yunde, Director of the Internet Finance www.mikezfoto.committee and professional lawyer, unlike the announcement on preventing the risk of ICO issued by the seven ministries on the 4th September last year, the announcement on the risk of crypt-currency and blockchain on the 24th August is issued by the five ministries, with Ministry of Public Security and General Administration of Market Supervision included and China Securities Regulatory www.mikezfoto.commission (CSRC) excluded. Chen believes that the issuance of this risk alert at this time results from two aspects. On the one hand, an increasing number of blockchain projects go bankrupt and the project organiser run away, leaving the investors struggling to protect their rights. Such accidents have gained attention from Ministry of Public Security. On the other hand, the trick of raising funds in the name of crypt-currency and blockchain is already well known to relevant departments. This is reflected by the content of the announcement, which specifies keywords such as “indirect investment”, “foreign server”, “candy” and “big V platform”. Chen also points out that in the announcement issued last September, the Central Bank clearly defined the risk of ICO. This time, the announcement mentioned the issuance of tokens in the name of IFO, IEO and IMO again, and defined it as a disguised form of token issuance which is highly risky. Besides, there are situations similar to pyramid scheme where people are gathered through fake advertisement. He estimated that the latest alert from the Central Bank and the Ministry of Publich Security indicate that the supervisory departments may launch rectification to regulate the industry.
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    【Korean Police Investigate Shinil Group for the Shipwreck Fraud】[ChainDD report] 14th September, 2018 (ChinaDD) According to The Korea Herald, Korean police accused Shinil Group of www.mikezfoto.committing ICO fraud by claiming to have found a lost Russian ship. This fraud involves 2600 investors and 9 billion Korean Won (around 8 million US Dollar). The police claim that the victims may be fewer because some are likely to have multiple accounts. However, the amount involved may be higher because some may have invested with cash. As previously reported on ChinaDD, Shinil claimed to have found the wreckage of Dmitrii Donskoi, a Russian navy ship, which is likely to be loaded with gold worth up to 13.4 billion US dollar. Thus, the www.mikezfoto.company claimed to start ICO with the gold as guarantee. However, it lowered this figure to 8.6 billion US dollar at the press conference on 26th July.
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    【Hong Kong Blockchain Startups Apply to Issue Asia's first Digital Currency Visa Debit Card】[ChainDD report] 14th September, 2018 (ChinaDD) According to the South China Morning Post, Hong Kong-based blockchain startup Crypto.www.mikezfoto.com said today that it had applied for the issuance of digital currency Visa debit cards in Hong Kong. It is reported that the www.mikezfoto.company claimed that this was the first case of this kind in Asia, and said that in the next two months, the www.mikezfoto.company would start sending more than 100,000 cards to customers worldwide. Kris Marszalek, co-founder and CEO of Crypto.www.mikezfoto.com, said the www.mikezfoto.company would also support cash withdrawals. Users can convert cryptocurrency assets in digital wallets into legal tender and withdraw cash. In addition, the www.mikezfoto.company plans to apply for lending licenses in Singapore and Hong Kong. If the application is successful, users of the www.mikezfoto.company's Visa card and digital wallet can use Bitcoin and MCO (www.mikezfoto.company's Pass) to secure a cash loan. The www.mikezfoto.company hopes to move from a digital currency Visa distribution www.mikezfoto.company to a lender with digital currency support.
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    【Ant Financial Scrutinizes Over-The-Counter Cryptocurency Trading and Creates an Inspection System on Key Websites and Accounts】[ChainDD report] 14th September, 2018 (ChinaDD) The Beijing News journalist learned from Ant Financial that if individual accounts are involved in virtual currency transaction. Alipay will take measures such as restricting collection, even permanently, according to the circumstances. Next, Alipay and Ant Financial Services will continue to closely monitor the over-the-counter transactions involving virtual currency, establish an inspection system for key websites and accounts, and take relevant measures to deal with reports from users immediately. Ant Financial also said that Alipay will conduct risk prevention education to users on the platform in various ways, reminding users not to be deceived by false propaganda, recognize the risks of virtual currency transactions, and avoid possible losses. Previously, ChainDD has mentioned that the Shanghai Stock Exchange reported on the 23rd that the relevant departments will further take targeted clean-up and rectification measures, including requiring third-party payment institutions to strictly implement virtual currency-related businesses such as Bitcoin.
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    【俄罗斯RSPP副总裁:正在制定新法案,加密货币持有者的地位将显著提升】链得得(微信号:ChainDD)9月15日讯,据cointelegraph消息,俄罗斯工业家和企业家联盟(RSPP)的一个游说团体正研究制定另一项加密货币监管法案,该法案将消除有关“数字金融资产”的国家草案中可能存在的矛盾。 该项法案由一批俄罗斯高级管理人员制定,其中包括亿万富翁Vladimir Potanin和俄罗斯创新基金Skolkovo负责人Viktor Vekselberg。 RSPP副总统Elina Sidorenko表示,新法案将把数字资产分为三类:类同证券的代币(token)、加密货币(cryptocurrencies)和数字“符号”(signs),并表示:加密货币将根据俄罗斯中央银行颁布的法律和规章加以管制。从该角度看,与证券持有者相比,加密货币持有者的地位将得到显著提升。
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    【整体下行,BTC现于6500美元附近调整】9月15日午间,数字货币市场整体下行,跌幅较小,CoinMarketCap交易量前二十的主流货币中十五种呈现下跌趋势,跌幅区间在0.55%—4.6%之间。其中 MIOTA-埃欧塔跌幅最大,跌幅超4%。BTC今日微跌,现于6500美元附近调整。 其中,BTC全球均价6517.67美元,跌幅为0.55%; ETH现价211.76美元,跌幅为3.38%; BCH现价449.88美元,跌幅为4.1%; EOS现价5.27美元,跌幅为3.45%; XRP现价0.2777美元,跌幅为1.85%。
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    【Circle调查结果:男性加密货币投资者几乎是女性两倍】链得得(微信号:ChainDD)9月15日讯,据coindesk报道,加密支付创业公司Circle本周早些时候对3000多名个人进行了一项调查,研究结果发现,男性投资加密货币的人数几乎是女性的两倍。 调查同时发现,随着投资者年龄的增长,“激进”投资者的比例从65%下降到25%。 链得得注意到,社交交易平台eToro在今年5月对用户进行了调查。他们的报告显示,截至今年3月,该公司拥有超过900万用户,但只有8.5%的用户是女性。